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Let's face it, they're hot. We love them.

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Standard Hotel, Sunset Blvd  photo flag
Alex O'Loughlin  photo flag
Henry Cavill 2  photo flag
Henry Cavill  photo flag
The Villiage People  photo flag
David Giuntoli  photo flag
Harrison Craig  photo flag
tumblr_mqfg17o8Yf1s44jgvo1_500.jpg  photo flag
Daniel Craig  photo flag
Chuck Norris  photo flag
The Rock  photo flag
David Duchovney  photo flag
Ian Botham cock photoDoes anyone have the photo...  topic
night club for fun  topic
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Finally 30  topic
patrick dempsey  topic
Julian McMahon  topic
Similar Tribe  topic
Liev Schreiber (Scream 1-3 [cotton weary] , The...  topic
Ewan McHottie as Obi-Wan  topic
Thank you, thank you, thank you  topic
Question for y'all  topic
For all you Browncoats out there  topic
My collection of hotties:)  topic
Introduction + Invitation  topic

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